Since the founding of a small family dairy in the early 1900's by Ugo Sandrini, Les Sandrini Farms has grown to be a 2,000-acre farming operation with crops in table grapes, cotton, hay and almonds. The company focuses its attentions on quality table grapes. Grapes were introduced to the farming operation in the early 50's and continue to be our mainstay crop. The Sandrini label has been established as one of the finest in the table grape industry.

Les Sandrini knew that in a highly competitive market an excellent product was not enough. He knew that he must have a sales organization to bring it to market. The response to this need was the formation of Sandrini Sales, Inc. in 1982.

Sandrini Sales, Inc. initially marketed the produce of Sandrini and two other growers. Now Sandrini Sales, Inc. serves several growers. Having a strong farming background makes Sandrini Sales, Inc. a unique Sales Company. We know the needs of the growers, and also know that our product has to be superior to make it in today's global market.